No bronze / silver / gold packages?

Nope. We believe the best photography requires an all-in approach, and that starts with us actually being there to capture what’s going on. We don’t want anything to distract you from your day, or to distract us from obsessively pursuing epic imagery that documents it. There are no limits on hours, locations, or the amount of awesome we will try and squeeze into each frame.

Quality time starts with quantity time. We usually start midway through hair/makeup and we pack up with the DJ – we’ve never left a wedding before the very end. You’d be surprised how busy we stay throughout the entirety of the day – there’s always some radical new image we’re building or a new perspective we’re visualizing.

We also believe that you should not have to work your wedding day around the number of hours in a photography package. We’ve heard of couples that have had to move up the cake cutting because the photographer was about to leave. We don’t want someone gazing at their watch the entire evening either, so we have no hourly restrictions.

Our wedding photography coverage also includes one of our carefully selected 2nd shooters who will typically start their day taking photographs at a different location than Dan.

We also offer custom pricing for intimate weddings or events that require something different. Just contact us with details and we’ll build a package that makes sense for you.

We are the least photogenic people alive. Are you a magician?

Know that we will do anything we can to put you at ease and to make you feel comfortable. Many times this means being unobtrusive and allowing moments to unfold on their own, and other times it means providing just the right amount of guidance while having a ton of fun and creating a playful environment where you can’t help but smile naturally. Sometimes we’ll be doing something so outrageous to get the shot that you’ll just be laughing at us (which is great!). Most couples have told us it felt like we are just hanging out with the gang, but we just happen to have our cameras along with us. Watch our DP experience film to hear about the experience all of our non-model clients have had.

When / how will we receive our images?

All photography packages include a beautiful online gallery of images that you can easily share with friends, family, and pleasant-looking strangers with an internet connection. The final product is typically an album, prints, and digital files… read on in the FAQ and we’ll explain more.

Our creative commitment extends far beyond the actual wedding day; we fastidiously select and process each image individually. It generally takes us about 8-10 weeks to artistically master your images, build your online gallery, and prepare your slideshow and/or reveal party.

How many images will we receive?

Each wedding varies as far as duration, details, and moments. We aim to tell your story comprehensively yet concisely. We would rather dazzle you with every one of a few hundred photos than burden you with a task of filtering through thousands of mediocre images. That said, most wedding clients receive between 400-700 final images.

What do we do with these photos after they’re ready?

Our target finished product is a professionally designed, hand-made album like the ones you’ll see here – Wedding Albums: A World of Detail 

While the album tells the complete story of the day, most of our clients also choose a handful of their absolute favorite moments and have large prints made for the walls of their home. These are the photos they will enjoy every day for decades to come.

We encourage you to take a peek into our industry for a moment and glean wisdom from those who are just a few years ahead in the process: “The Importance of Prints”

Will we receive the digital files?

In short, we include the high-resolution digital files and a print release statement (meaning you will have permission to order prints from any vendor you choose) with the purchase of an album.

Did you seen articles on The Knot about getting a “disc” or a USB drive? Read this – The Case Against “Good Enough”

What about prints? Can I order from Walgreens or Snapfish?

Once you purchase the album, you’ll receive your high resolution digital files and a print release statement, so yes, you can. But we’ve worked hard to make professional quality prints accessible and affordable via our online gallery – Pro Prints vs. Drugstore Prints: Does it matter?

Mind. Blown. Right?? Understand that our goal – truly – is for you to have a great experience, and part of this is providing you with an easy way to purchase quality prints through professional labs, so that your prints will look like they were intended to look.

What is a Cinema Highlight? Our Cinema Highlight has been a very popular option. Typically, hiring a comparable wedding cinematographer would cost roughly the same as a wedding photographer – both wedding photography and videography require nearly identical equipment, wedding experience, and day-of schedule commitments. The reason we can offer our highlight film at such an affordable rate is because our professional photography equipment allows us to capture both photo and video throughout the day, without bringing additional people dedicated exclusively to film. We are extremely effective at capturing both mediums without sacrificing quality in either.

What about “full video”?

If you’re looking for a longer format wedding video, we recommend Ray at Frascino Films.

Do you have any samples of same-sex weddings you’ve photographed / filmed?

Check it: Christy + Jamie   /    Michael & Horacio (Photography + Cinema)

Where are you located?

My primary studio is in Greenville, Delaware, roughly 30 minutes south of Philadelphia. I’m originally from Basking Ridge, NJ. We are within 2 hours of New York, Baltimore, Philly, and DC, which means that travel fees are a non-issue for many of our clients.


Agreed. The majority of our couples that don’t live on the East coast hire us without an in-person meeting. Know this: we’ve photographed many weddings, both in and out of the US. Logistics are simple. Your finding the right photographer is the tricky part. Seriously, if you’re reading this from Chicago or California or the UK, just reach out and we’ll show you how easy the process really is.

Have you shot at my venue?

Maybe, but here’s the truth: I teach my photography students that being able to adapt to situations quickly is paramount. Scouting a location in midday sunlight provides little intel when the actual shoot is at sunset, or if it’s cloudy, or raining. That said, we always show up in plenty of time to get a lay of the land at any new venue.

How do travel costs work?
Our travel fees are very simple: package price + travel + accommodations. We use this radical new method of travel called an airplane where we rent a chair that floats through the sky, and if we’re lucky we get one that also has wi-fi!

We will handle all of our travel arrangements. Just let us know if you already have a hotel block or special lodging already arranged for you and your guests.

We are interested – now what?

Contact us and we’ll check our availability and send you a complete pricing page where you can explore all of the options we offer. There’s even a short welcome film where you can e-meet me (Dan). Email is the best way to contact us since we’ll be sending you some links, and we are able to answer most questions that way. However, we would be happy to set up a time to chat via phone / Skype / Facetime, or visit our Greenville, Delaware studio.

How do you handle payments?

Once you decide on your options, just let us know and we will email you an agreement that you can sign online. We’ll then do a deposit (⅓ the wedding day coverage) to lock in the date and you’ll be all set. The entire process takes about 5 minutes, and after that, you can count on us to be there – cameras in hand – for one of the most anticipated days of your life.