So much interesting stuff happened with Joelle + Lee’s upstate NY wedding at Owls Hoot Barn, I’m at a loss trying to recap in words. If only we had a film, or maybe some photographs…

It was a properly incredible weekend, the perfect blend of two of the most unique people I’ve ever encountered. I am truly honored to have been able to document it all.

Their wedding was a breath of fresh air in many ways. I really like seeing people structure their wedding around what they really want, not what they feel obligated to do. From the big elements all the way to the small details, they really made it their own, investing time and money into the things that mattered to them and excluding anything rote or lacking meaning.

We created a Cinema Highlight film, an entire weekend squished into 7:40 –¬† For many destination weddings, we’ll cover not just the wedding day, but the evening before and some of the daytime activities on recovery Sunday. For Joelle and Lee, this included an originally scheduled trash the dress session that, due to torrential monsoon rain most of the weekend, evolved into a river tube ride off the back of their boat, piloted by none other than my talented photographer for the weekend, Katie Norbeck.

Seriously, watch the film. My goal is to not have a single second of fluff in my wedding films Рevery single shot is intentional and invites you to relive the various vibes we all felt on the actual wedding day.

Then, check out this selection of my favorite stills from our three days together: