After over a decade of photographing and filming weddings, I’m retiring from the industry to pursue something new. 

With this Mighty Ducks hockey jersey exhibited next to me in my Delaware studio, akin to a post-retirement athletic heirloom, there are many things I could share to summarize a remarkable decade of investment into this career. The jersey, at least symbolically, captures it all.

My clients (now friends) Sara and Geoff gifted me this custom (Mighty Ducks!) hockey jersey during their wedding reception. Their gift brought me more joy than they’ll ever know.

The reason why is somewhat complicated. Partially because their gift exemplified their effort to get to know me during our engagement session in NYC (and afterwards, at dinner, when I actually shared my ridiculous ice hockey failure story).

But more than anything, it represented connection. The reason I’ve loved my work – and my clients – for over a decade. Sara and Geoff had become the perfect embodiment of my ideal wedding client; we were able to work together professionally and do all the business-y business stuff, yet navigate the blurring of the line between business and personal relationships. It represented the belief that we will each do what we say we’re going to do. That if there’s ever a hiccup, we will resolve it swiftly and with integrity. And that we’ll have so much f’ing fun along the way that we will transcend the world of contracts and camera settings and share in joyous moments that we eventually hang on our walls to relive daily, just like my hockey jersey.

Although I’ll be a photographer for the rest of my life (aren’t we all?), I’ll no longer be photographing weddings or other sessions. For this next chapter in my life, I’ll be a part of a startup biotech company, dedicating my time and focus towards bringing healing to those with rare genetic diseases.

To everyone who’s believed in me, trusted me, chosen me, and connected with me, my heart is full thinking of you. I truly cannot thank you enough. ❤️

On a practical level, here are a few resources I’d like to share for those in need of wedding photography services. These are photographers I know and trust — each varies in price, style, and geographic location, but they are masters of their craft:

  • Katie Merkle of Merkle Photography / Baltimore, MD /
  • Chuck Anerino of Anerino Originals / Philadelphia, PA /
  • Katie Norbeck of Kathryn Norbeck Photography / West Grove, PA /
  • Jessie and Moira of J. La Plante Photography / Boulder, CO /
  • Lanny and Erika Mann of TwoMann Studios / Canmore, Canada /

As a final✌️, here are some behind the scenes photos from throughout the years.

😌  Now off to climb the next mountain, one step at a time. 🏔