The Dazzle Photography Experience

When I’m shopping on Amazon, I read both the description and the reviews. The description ensures the product a good fit, but I read reviews because I want to know what the experience is like in the real world. This film will connect you with some of our past clients as they share insight into what’s important when choosing a wedding photographer and what they have experienced throughout the process.   – Dan Salvo

We have been looking at the photos everyday since you sent them… I can’t stop! I have watched our slideshow at least 20 times. The images are AWESOME and we are in LOVE with them. Eddie and I are just in complete awe with the way you captured one of the most important days of our lives. Each photo is truly beautiful and I can not be any more happier with the art you have created 🙂   Each photo brought a smile to our faces. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the passion and dedication you put into capturing our day. We could not have asked for better photos or a better photographer! Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU again!!! You are amazing.

Veronica + Eddie

This week we got to see all of our photos and all I can say is AMAZING.

It was an absolute pleasure sharing my wedding day with you. The photos you captured are absolutely incredible. From all of the polished portraits to the small details that you noticed, each photo just got better and better. My absolute favorite were all of the candid shots you were able to capture, from the intimate moments that Ryan and I shared, to the reception with everyone at the party (you even managed to photograph the guy with no pants on in an artistic way…now THAT is talent!)… Ryan and I feel like we get to relive our wedding each time we look at our photos and that is priceless.

I honestly could not be more happy. I already got a call from one of my girlfriends; she is very upset that she booked another photographer because she was so impressed with the images you captured. Seriously, no one can beat your professionalism, creativity and an eye for an amazing photo. THANK YOU.

Katie + Ryan

Awesome! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!  We are truly impressed!  Not only is it great to relive the moments, but there are so many really cool, unique shots!  We have NEVER liked how we look in photos, but DAMN, you made us look good!

Plus, you guys were ninjas… Neither of us remember seeing you much, nor are you in any of each other’s photos! If you happened to get any ‘self portraits’ that night, please send them so we can point you out 🙂

Seriously though, I’ve never seen anything like these. They are everything we hoped for and more. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Anna + David