Tiffany and Phil were two of the most fun and relaxed people we’ve ever shot with. For both their engagement photos and their wedding day, they gave us the two most valuable things any client can give us: time and trust. We were able to explore the grounds at the beautiful Baywood Greens golf club, and because of their first look, we had plenty of time to do it without taking away from the guests’ experience.

One of the coolest parts? Tiffany and Phil had actually moved to Colorado before the wedding, but still got married in Delaware because most of their family was there. One month after their wedding, Victoria and I, who had photographed their wedding, were off to photograph another client’s wedding in… you guessed it, Colorado. I brought my laptop with, and while we were in town, we visited their new place and had a reveal party!

Here are some of our favorite images from their beautiful day: